Our Front Room Refresh Project

Hurricane Florence may have caused some damage to our facility, but our Powerful God works in all things to bring good. Our flooded Entry Area, Kids Room, and Nursery have all been renewed with drywall repairs, fresh paint, and new carpet! As we prepare to move back into those areas we have been considering how we might make better use of our space. We believe that God has challenged our church family to trust in His ability to provide, and so we are stepping out in faith to reach for a goal that we can not achieve without God’s assistance.
The collapsible Nursery furniture that we have been using since our early years as a portable church is going to be replaced with permanent cribs and rocking chairs.
Our Kids Room will be outfitted with new activity tables and chairs, a supply cabinet, and a monitor for streaming/playing videos during Kids Worship.
But the biggest changes will be in the transformation of our Entry Area into the new Front Room. No longer just an area to stand in while waiting to enter the Sanctuary, the Front Room will be the gathering place for fellowship and relationships, the place for meetings and small groups, and the place for Bible studies and special events. With four distinct but complimentary areas in one room, the multipurpose room will be an attractive and functional space for our church family, guests, and friends to enjoy during any activity. The focal area of the Front Room will be the large seating area of seven couches, giving enough space for up to 14 people to sit comfortably. The adjacent diner area will include three diner tables and 12 chairs, providing a place to sit with friends while enjoying coffee or a place to set a book or laptop while studying. By pulling diner chairs over to the couches, larger groups will be able to gather in studies, fellowship, or watching the new video monitor installed on the opposite wall. A pair of armchairs in the front corner will provide private space for more personal conversations, and a charging bar will give everyone a place to plug in phones and other devices when in need of a charge up.
Watch this video to take an Augmented Reality Walk through the Front Room to get a feel for how it will look when fully furnished. Keep in mind that the furniture in the video is a placeholder, and the actual styles, colors, and materials will differ from these. The purpose is to simply see how the layout of the room will look…
Here is the list of what we are doing:
  • New furniture and decor in all three rooms
  • New water fountain in hall
  • Some minor electrical work
  • Move hospitality area in Sanctuary for better flow and less congestion
  • Cover brick facing around windows/doors with a pallet wood mosaic
The estimated cost of this Refresh is $7,000.
We have asked all of our Intersection family and friends to do three things:
1) PRAY for God’s Will, God’s Provision, and God’s Glory in this endeavor.
2) ASK, “What is my part in this plan?”
3) GIVE what God leads you to give – it’s not about how much or how little, it’s about being faithful.
We will have two Giving Sundays: June 16 & July 14
On each of these days we are asking our Intersection family and friends to make their gifts to this Refresh. We are trusting in God to take our gifts and multiply them to meet this need. We look forward to celebrating His faithfulness and provision for our church as we seek to grow His Kingdom in our lives and in our community.
If you have any questions or wish to speak with someone about this project please email Pastor Charlie at charlie@theintersectiononline.org